Tessa Malmgren

Owner and Designer

Exactly What You Need, When You Need It

Now more than ever agents need to focus on the bigger picture. That is why you need The Agent Asset to worry about all the details of finding reliable ways to acquire new clients, streamline your business & increase your brand. Agent Asset gets the gritty behind the scenes stuff done.

Owned and operated by Tessa Malmgren. A Colorado Native & MSU Denver graduate. Tessa and her team are local, providing on-demand service. With Agent Asset Your business is our business. Agent Asset specializes in online and offline marketing, virtual assistance, office management, graphic and web design and more. Helping you thrive in today’s vast media environment. Each website platform offers distinct advantages.

We know how to leverage them to help you reach the most prospects for the least expense. We have implemented systems, handled the busy work, brought in more business and have been the secret weapon behind the scenes of many companies. With The Agent Asset owners can spend their time working on their business instead of in it. The Agent Asset provides quality, custom individualized work, and experience throughout multiple industries.

If you’re looking to grow, take control of your life and company, and build a sustaining empire everyone knows you can’t do it alone. Add The Agent Asset to your team today and get the business you always dreamed of having. Call right now to see how we can change your business and your life!

We look forward to becoming your Biggest Asset!

Real Estate = Real People

You might’ve noticed that Asset spelled backward is Tessa. What is an Asset?  Robert Kiyosaki says anything that puts money in your pocket. And that’s what I’m here to do.

I created The Agent Asset, because I know the long hours in the car, looking at your phone- and seeing 150 emails, or let’s face it, more. Getting home after a full day of showings and having contracts to write. The phone calls at all hours of the day… and even night. And it’s still never done.

I’m sure you’ve all asked at one point or another why you got into Real Estate. Probably after one of those later nights, when everything feels heavy.
But we all know that a growing, thriving business is a team sport.
No one is an expert in everything, but The Agent Asset HAS an expert for everything.
At The Agent Asset we handle everything on your plate so you can focus on your highest best use.  
YAA Crew: (720) 666 4141
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